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There is nothing compared to the sensation of getting to the top of a mountain! There is a certain thrill that comes with completing the challenge with a bonus of great views.

This is the mountain climber’s guide to some of the best mountains to climb in New England. If you intend to see the best of the United kingdom, outdoor rock climbing in the UK is the way to do it.

There are a lot of good mountains to climb in the UK! These mountains range from small and easy climbs to the toughest and most challenging mountains suited for all abilities giving you no excuses to go.

Let’s jump right in!

Scafell Pike, Lake District, England

You were probably wondering what would be the most challenging climb in the UK.

Look no further. At 978 meters tall, the Scafell Pike is one of the highest mountains in all of England. Its summit is the highest point in England for almost 100 miles.

It can be found in the Lake District. When you reach the top of this mountain, you can see as far as Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

This two-hour hike is quite a challenge. It is tough and goes through steep, hard terrain. There are several routes that one can pick for use.

That’s not the end of it, this mountain houses the highest standing water in England, the Broad Crag Tarn. This is also the site for the highest memorial in England, created for people who died in the World war.

Clearly, this is not only a hike but a great way to experience England in a challenging way!

Ben Nevis, Lochaber, Scotland

Understandably, Ben Nevis is one of the best rock climbing locations in the united kingdom. That is indeed the tallest mountain in the British Isles.

What does this mean for you?

If you are one for testing your limits, the Ben Nevis is one of the best mountains to climb in the UK for you!

It has an altitude of 1345 meters above sea level. This mountain has many routes, but the easiest track up the mountain starts at Glen Nevis.

Those who are experienced and seek more of a challenge can use the “North Face which is one of the highest cliffs in the UK. “This mountain has earned itself a nickname, “The Ben.”

It wouldn’t surprise that this mountain attracts a lot of tourists as it is quite popular

Pen y Fan

For some, climbing very high mountains can prove to be intimidating.

Guess what?

We have got you covered!

To begin with, you do not necessarily need to get to the highest mountains to enjoy your rock climbing in the UK .The Pen y Fan is only 886m making it the best first mountain to climb in the UK .

The Pen Y Fan is therefore  by far one of the easy mountains to climb in the UK. It is located in the Brecon  Beacons. The joy of climbing the Pen Y Fan is that, it is the best mountain to climb  for beginners .

This is because it can be accessed easily from the car park. From there everything else is easy because of the good walking tracks that maneuver their way to the peak.

It is important to keep in mind that poor weather conditions can make your experience a dangerous one. Henceforth, for your own safety before climbing Pen y Fan, check the weather forecast.

Snowdon, Gwynedd

Turns out that this 1,085 meter high summit can be quite the challenge and possibly the hardest mountain to climb in the UK.

Do not let that intimidate you out of a chance to test yourself both mentally and physically. There are 8 tracks to give the climber a variety of choice.

By the way, there are no technical skills needed as it can be accessed by climbers of all levels! Being located in the Wales National Park, various aspects of the Welsh history are carefully tucked away throughout the entire hike.

As if that is not enough, you will surely be mesmerized by the amazing natural scenery this mountain boasts of.

What’s to note is that, this is one of the most popular mountains in the UK and therefore attracts a lot of people and may be a little on the crowded side.

Helvellyn, Lake District, England​

Helvellyn, Lake District, England

Here is the deal, this is the third biggest mountain in all of England as per the highest mountains in UK in  order..

It can be easily accessed and thus it is popular with people flocking for the easy climb. This is the perfect climbing sport as it has a number of routes that can be maneuvered by people of various different abilities.

If you are looking for a challenge as a more experienced walker, it is advisable to take the route that leads you through the Striding Edge.

It is the route  which offers scrambling.  Be careful to note that, you must be attentive on this climb as it may be dangerous.

The best thing about climbing the Helvellyn, is that at the top of the mountain you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Lake District!

ingleborough © Copyright Richard Webb


This mountain gives you a moderate to tough hike of about five miles that can be tackled in two to three hours .

In the Yorkshire Dales, this mountain is the second highest and stands to be one of the hardest mountains to climb in the UK.

There is need to be careful when navigating Ingleborough by the way, as the weather patterns can change quickly without notice.

It is popularity known as part of the 3 peaks walk. Yes, there are many ways that one can use to get to the top but climbing from the Ingleton is a straight forward and safe way to get to the mountain peak.

This walk will reward you with limestone scenery and view that stretches into the Lake district and the Dales.

Tryfan Snowdonia, Wales​

Tryfan Snowdonia, Wales

Looking at it, this mountain looks like a fin that is made of three ridges. You have probably heard about respecting the mountains.

You have to take that advice to heart with this climb as it can be very dangerous! Although tall, this mountain as the , 15th tallest mountain in the Wales is not as tall as it’s counterparts.

Do not let that discourage you, it still has a lot to offer. The Tryfan is said to be an intertwining of rambling and mountaineering.

What does this mean for you? You need to be strong hearted and fit to be able to take on this challenge.

Be sure to note that, as you are nearing the top, you will need to use both your hands and feet for climbing!

Turns out, the most popular route when navigating the Tryfan is the North ridge.

Ben Macdui, Cairngorms, Scotland

You were probably wondering if this mountain is close to the Cairngorm Ski center. Here is the thing, it is so it experiences a lot of freezing weather in the winter.

This is the second highest mountain in the UK at 1309 meters in height. You have probably heard of the mountain’s mysteries.

This mountain is apparently said to be haunted by what sightings say to be a big grey figure.

It is infamously known as, ”Big Grey Man”. Enjoy the hike, but look out for our mountain friend!

Buachaille Etive Mor, Highlands, Scotland

This mountain is popularly known as the Buachaille. Turns out that, unlike other mountains that are photographed from the top, this mountain is photographed from the bottom.

This mountain is the textbook definition of a mountain. Looking at it is exactly what would pop into your head when you picture a mountain. It has a steep pyramid shape that might look intimidating.

It is most definitely a challenge with steep routes and will involve scrambling and might need you to exercise a lot of care.

Here is the deal, this climb is not for people who are inexperienced.

Those who are experienced and have a thrill for the challenge should obviously try out this mountain!

Great Gable, Lake District, England

This is most definitely a climb for real climbers standing at 899 meters in height. At the top, there are steep accents that will involve scrambling.

Unless you are viewing the mountain from the village of Wasdale where the mountain top looks like a pyramid, it would look rounded from all other angles.

The natural positioning of this mountain allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this whole Lake District.

There are multiple routes that you can use to ascent the mountain depending on what you intend to gain from your climb!

This people of all abilities are catered to, and gives you no excuse not to try this great mountain!

The top of the mountain has a lot of boulders and the highest point of this mountain has a rock outcrop and as such, when you reach the mountain’s summit, you will not miss it!



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