05 Best Climbing Shoes for Slab | Excellent For Edging Climbing

Slab climbing is all about techniques, balance, and smearing. But first thing first, you need to be equipped properly.

And ask what’s the foremost equipment you need? 

Yes, it’s the best climbing shoes for slab, you got it right. 

In today’s roundup list, we’ll be talking about 5 of the industry-leading best slab climbing shoe models right now. We’ve been both skeptical and unbiased while reviewing them. And all we needed is to bring out the real-time benefits of each of them. 

Found it enticing already?

Let’s jump right in– 

La Sportiva Tc Pro

Our Top Pick

La Sportive seems to be one of the top brand choices of outdoor enthusiasts. And through this model(La Sportiva Tc Pro), we got to believe why.

Let’s dive deep into the features of this best rock climbing shoes for slab– 



TC Pro is crafted carefully with ample attention into details. This synthetic shoe is full of technical edging on both padding and exterior of it.

The padding under the ankle area is good enough to protect your toes while climbing. Also, there is a patented P3 technology in the platforms of this shoe. The purpose of this is to provide a sensitive and yet consistent edging abilities to you- the user. 

And the exterior, being our next concern, comes with a beautiful sage color scheme. On the bottom of it, there is the flat-fit toe which is perfect for users who climb through steep slabs. 

To ensure utmost comfort, the ventilated tongue makes sure that there is quite some airflow and your toes don’t get sweaty.

Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym

Most Comfortable

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast opted into both climbing and bouldering, then the second pick of our list would be a great pick for you. 

As a matter of fact, Five Ten had been one of the consistent brands on the regime of footwear. On that legacy, the Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym is something for climbers who climb often.



The best thing about the Moccasym is, it fits great within your feet, even if your footwork is not the best for climbing. The top part of this shoe is made of split-grain leather, and the sole is made of rubber- as it should be. 

To provide you a state of the art control and adjustability, there are the triple pull tabs on the top part of the shoe. On top of that, the slingshot heel is going to give your toe a great climbing experience. 

In terms of size diversity, the Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym is decent enough to provide sizes from 7.5 to 12. For men, it’s an easy choice we think. 

La Sportiva Mythos

Best Performance Shoe

To get on a tough sport like slab climbing, you need something way more than outdoor shoes. And the La Sportiva Mythos is we believe, the right choice. 

Let’s talk about the structure first. The outsole is majorly rubber, which is made of recycled rubber from the La Sportiva factory. We’re sure that they hadn’t compromised the quality.



Most importantly, the laces that they call the Mythos, is a patented tech from the brand. It offers a fine tune adjustment along with a precise fit for a wide range of toe sizes. All you need you is to get along with the instruction that you’ll receive with the box. 

A surprising fact about the way La Sportiva had built is- the majority of its components are recycled one way or another. If you’re concerned about their environmental impacts, then this can be just the right cup of tea for you. 

Apart from that, the qualitative facts check all of the boxes that good slab climbing shoes should. Hands down.

La Sportiva Miura VS

Premium Quality

You might not have heard much about this model from La Sportiva. But when we stumbled upon it during our research, we found it a worthy one of your attention. It’s called the La Sportiva Miura VS, and we’re breaking down into details of this climbing shoe for slab.

Instead of rubber, the Miura VS is made of 100% leather, which happens to be the #1 selling point of this shoe. Along with that, the lining is made of Dentex. And the portion under the foot is kept unlined.



The most standout features of this shoe is its power hinge system and the slingshot. What do they do? Well, let us explain. 

When you will be climbing slabs wearing these shoes, these two will be on duty to support your climb. From the slingshot and the power hinge system, you will get good support for your foot. On the other hand, the grip rubber called the Sticky Vibram XS will provide you with ample grip for climbing. 

Five Ten Anasazi
Pink lace

The Classic Pink

If you are in search of something simplistic and yet durable for your next slab climb, the 5.10 Anasazi Pink lace deserves a place into your shortlist. 

This shoe is 100% synthetic, in the first place. So, it will be pretty light to wear. To be exact, the weight of this shoe is 7.9oz or 224 grams only.



Moving on, we got our eyes on the laces and the sole. The laces are of closure types, sporting a beautiful black colour with white stripes across it. 

And the sole is made of rubber, which is good for getting some grip while your climb is going on. However, the midsole is made of synthetic, just as the upper material is. This keeps the shoe light and comfy, as they matter for any climber whatsoever. 

Just like any shoe in this list, the 5.10 Anasazi Pink lace also comes in a lot of sizes. The smallest one is 3.5 and the largest one of them is 12.5. So, almost any person can find the right fit within this range.

what to look for in slab climbing shoes

This section of the content includes the things that you should care about and watch out for while you’re up for buying the best climbing shoes for slab. Let’s read-

The Size:

As you have seen, brands are likely to provide a number of sizes within each model of the climbing shoes. You should know the exact size of your feet and get the right one onwards. 

The Material:

There are several parts of a climbing shoe that you should care about- the top, the sole and the heel. In addition, you can also include the laces in the list 

Each of these parts provides some specific demands of building material that should be friendly for a climber. For example, soles made of rubber are the best for gripping. In this way, you should analyze each of the parts before putting your hands on one. 

The Adjustability and Fine Tuning:

This particular fact demands it’s an individual slot in the buying guide, as it’s important for every single climber out there. With the laces(and the body) of the shoe, you can adjust the fitting of your shoe. But the question is, how much of that adjustability is good enough?

Well, keep an eye on the laces and the elasticity of the shoe itself to get the right adjustment and tuning flexibility for your shoe.

What is a slab in rock climbing?

Slab climbing is a subset of all of the rock climbing chores. But in this case, the rock that a climber climbs happens to be less steep to some certain extent. But on the other hand, rock climbing can also include climbing completely vertical rocks. 

While climbing the slab, a climber should keep sharp eyes on the friction and balance of him/her. Sometimes, supports like pre-drilled bolts come in help. But mostly it’s on the special skill set of the climber himself/herself.

Final words....

Let’s get this straight- slab climbing shoes come in a lot of diversity in terms of size, material, and quality. But we are really hopeful that this list of best climbing shoes for slab came to be useful for you to get the right one. 

Good luck with your next climbing!


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