05 Best Women’s Climbing Harnesses | In-depth Guide (2020)

The complete guide to top class gym to big wall climbing harness including full in-depth review


The La Dura Dura in Oliana might seem a little bit easier if you manage to hold on to the right harness (Not kidding though) . A climbing harness will pack you up with comfort, essential gears and aid you in sending better.

If you are in a quest to find the best women’s climbing harness, you are in the right place. The models we reviewed have all sorts of features to support YOUR type of climbing, whether its gym, trad, sport, big wall or the alpine.

And… If you are a beginner climber, you could start from our “how we picked” section which is more like a buying guide.

Without further ado, let’s get started!!

05 best climbing harnesses for women

Misty Mountain Cadillac
Top Pick
Climbing Type: Trad, Big wall
Weight: 18.7 oz.
Leg Loops: Adjustable
Haul Loops: Yes
Petzl Sitta
Most Lightweight
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Climbing Type: Sport, Alpine
Weight: 9.7 oz.
Leg Loops: Adjustable
Haul Loops: Yes
Mammut Togir 3 Slide
Extremely Adjustable
Mammut Togir 3 Slide Harness - Women's (2)
Climbing Type: Alpine, sport, trad
Weight: 14.8 oz
Leg Loops: Adjustable
Hail Loops: Yes
Black Diamond Primrose
All Around
Black Diamond Primrose
Climbing Tpe: Trad, gym
Weight: 12 oz.
Leg Loops: Adjustable
Haul Loops: Yes
Petzl Selena
Shorter Rise
PETZL Women's Selena Climbing Harness
Climbing Type: Sport & Gym
Weight: 11.28 oz
Leg Loops: Adjustable
Haul Loops: Yes

Misty Mountain Cadillac

Our Top Pick

The Misty Mountain Cadillac is the most comfortable harness for women looking to hang on belays for longer periods of time. The overall features make it perfect for trad and big walls and to some extent alpine climbing.

At 18.7 oz., this is the heaviest of all in this review but still lightweight compared to some of the other bulky harnesses in the market. There’s foam padding around the waist and leg loops. That’s the reason you can hang with total comfort— good for multi-pitch routes.



The Waist belt is made extra wide and heavy. That’s justified when you have 6 gear loops for carrying the bulk of your trad gears. The addition of ice clippers slots does give you freedom on alpines, but the weight is a big disadvantage for that. Even then, beginners will love that for testing out what kind of climbing they want to pursue.

The leg loops and waist are adjustable. Despite being padded, it aids more mobility compared to other padded models. That’s a deal breaker!!

Keep in mind, this harness is something that you don’t want to carry deep into mountains and use it for steep bolt-clipping. If bigwall is your destination, then it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The only thing that really puts us off is the design. It’s certainly not the most modern looking harness available, still effective by all means.

Best Climbing Harness for Professionals

Most Lightweight Climbing Harness

If you are on a hunt for the best women’s climbing harness for alpine and sport purposes, the Pretzl Sitta is just unbeatable when compared to every other one in the scene. That might sound like an overstatement, but rigorous testing by independent climbers has proven it all.

First up, it’s the lightest harness in this review. That translates to superior comfort when standing or climbing! The Wireframe technology distributes the load equally and makes it robust. Despite being minimalist, Pretzl Sitta is durable.

PETZL SITTA— Climbing Harness for Professionals



Keep in mind, Sitta is not known for its versatility. The leg loops aren’t adjustable and gear loops are minimal— not favorable for mountaineering. Still, we loved the front gear loops having a sliding separator, which is helpful for putting anchors behind the draws.

In terms of hanging comfort, it doesn’t rate high. So, the Misty Mountain Cadillac would be a better option for specifically hanging belays.

When you are on the alpine routes or doing summer sport climbing, you will have the advantage of high mobility and breathability. The pricing is a little over the top, however that’s justified considering the specific use of this harness.

All in all, it’s a harness for high end women sport climbers. For beginners, it’s not the most ideal one partly because of high price and lack of versatility. If that’s not a big deal for you, then definitely go for it.

Mammut Togir 3 Slide Harness

Extremely adjustable

The Mammut Togir is one of most versatile and one of the best harnesses for women and rightly so. It’s moderately lightweight, extremely durable and perfect as a women’s harness for almost all seasons.

It uses a split webbing construction that results in weight reduction and balanced load-bearing. The streamlined flat design makes room for mobility.