evolv oracle review

Evolv Oracle Review

evolv oracle review

Peformance Breakdown

Sensitivity 96%
Edging 90%
Performance 89%
Comfort 88%
pocket 80%

Looking to take your climbing game to the next level? You might consider upgrading to a pro-tier climbing shoe. After all, if your gear doesn’t back your skills, chances of winning will only get dimmer. 

That’s where the new Evolv Oracle Climbing Shoe comes in. It’s one of the few shoes that have been able to blend in performance, comfort, and durability at such an attractive price. Besides, its “Knuckle Box” feature is highly appreciable and has proven to be a game-changer for hobby and pro climbers alike. 

In this Evolv Oracle Climbing shoe review, we are going to run down some in-depth analyses of the shoe and showcase some of its major pros and cons. Let’s waste no more time and find out if the new Evolv Oracle lives up to the hype!

evolv oracle

Product Specification

Evolve Oracle Overview

The Evolv Oracle is a mid-range shoe that’s designed for intermediate to advanced climbers and packs a wide range of innovative features. 

It has been built with comfort and performance in mind, making it a shoe that you can climb in for hours on end without getting tired of it. With a price tag of around $164.18 – $180.00, the Evolv Oracle offers value for the price. It is a part of the Evolv Ultra performance series.

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Specifications Of Evolv Oracle Men

Longevity And Build Material

The improved performance of the Oracle is good enough to capture the attention of rock climbers! There is a vegan-friendly synthetic top (Synthratek VX) and a rubber sole (TRAX-SAS) on the Oracle shoe. It has also been built up in such a way that we can use it for steep sports routes.

TRAX-SAS is such a composition that is a mix that’s both long-lasting and low-friction. If you don’t mistreat the soles, you may expect them to last a long time.

The arch of the foot receives excellent support and comfort thanks to the 1.6mm half-length MX-P midsole. In addition, the Oracle features Dark Spine innovation, a heel midsole that protects the heel while securing it in place during heel-hooking. It is built with VTR, and a rubber rand with different thicknesses is molded into the shoe. This reduces pressure points around the foot and also increases its lifespan in regions where it is most likely to wear out.


Comfort in a high-performance climbing shoe is most often thought to be a fantasy. The aggressive downturn profile of a climbing shoe must surely hurt your foot if it is designed to tackle difficult terrain. Evolv Oracle is a climbing shoe that combines both comfort and performance, so you’re in luck!

The Evolv Oracle’s split tongue design makes getting in and out of them a breeze, and the snug fit is extremely comfortable.

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As the sole of the Oracle is 4.2mm thick TRAX rubber, the shoe is a little thicker as well as rigid than the traditional highly sensitive mountain climbing shoe.

The rubber on the Oracle does seem hefty, but the sensitivity of the device has surprised us. It’s easy to detect a connection between your feet and the wall features/footholds, though.

Sizing Of The Shoe

With the Oracle, there didn’t seem to be as much of a break-in period as we’ve experienced with other rock climbing shoes.

The Oracle was a dream to wear right out of the box because it was so snug and comfortable on my foot. Rock climbers with wide feet will appreciate the Oracle’s wide last! The Oracle is made entirely of synthetic materials. The shoe expanded nicely by half in size over time than the street shoe size when our team used it.

Lacing Built For Steep Sport Routes

The Evolv Oracle’s speed lacing system is one of its many appealing features. Unlike most climbing shoes, the lacing goes all the way down, unlike most climbing shoes that only tighten the top of the shoes.

For ensuring a snug and comfortable fit, the entire volume of the shoe can be adjusted!

That’s because the laces go all the way down, and my foot got a little slammed into cracks over time. Since they can be easily replaced, we are confident that this would be the last thing on your mind!

Features And Benefits Of Evolv Oracle Rock Shoes


The Oracle has received so many accolades from rock climbers throughout the world that I was beginning to wonder if it lived up to its reputation.

Slopes and vertical parts may be conquered. Thanks to the Oracle’s strong descent, which places your foot in a curled and powerful posture. We can also use this one for gym climbing.

The aggressive profile of the shoe isn’t helpful to beginners. Thus we would say the Oracle is better suited for intermediate to experienced climbers.

Climbing Cracks

Oracle’s downturned shape fixes the foot in a curled position. The strong forefoot, on the other hand, was an asset for crack climbing since it provided excellent protection and stability. Even when climbing tiny crack lines, we were able to exert greater force with our toes and not experience any discomfort!

evolv oracle climbing shoe review

Climbing In A Pocket

The Oracle is a good shoe for pocket climbing. Toe-boxes that are too broad and elevated knuckles that are too high might make it difficult to get your feet into the tiniest of spaces.

Compared to the top pocket climbing shoe rivals like the Genius or Futura shoes, the Oracle is very underwhelming.

The Excellent Edging And Heel Hooks

The Evolv Oracle’s clever edging is where the design really shines. Utilizing both the “Knuckle box” and the “Love bump” features, the Oracle is an unstoppable edger!

You may curl and rest your big toe knuckle comfortably in the Knuckle box, which does not necessitate removing rubber material from the way. There is no edge that Evolv Oracle can’t help you to climb.

It’s an indentation in the sole of the shoe that allows energy to be channeled onto edges, according to the “Love bump technology.”

While pushing against the wall, the Oracle split sole flattens, increasing surface contact and grip from the soles to the wall.

How We Tested Evolv Oracle

To find out which pair of climbing shoes was the best, we put the Evolv Oracle through its paces. First, we tried climbing in them for a few hours to see if they were comfortable to wear for a long time. Then, we climbed in them on different surfaces to see if they were durable enough to handle all types of climbing. We also used them to test the fit of the shoe by climbing in them while they were still a little bit dirty.

Check this amazing video from Seabassi TV


Most frequent questions and answers

Does Evolv Oracle stretch?

They don’t provide a lot of stretches. Your toes are pushed against the end of the shoe since it doesn’t have much elasticity, and it should be compact with no dead space under the toes.

How do you break in Evolv climbing shoes?

You can go to hot places for 2-3 weeks while climbing in them. Also, you can inflate your shoes by placing frozen water bags inside of them.

Final Words: Is the Evolv Oracle Men One of the Most Outstanding Climbing Shoes?

The Evolv Oracle is a great pair of climbing shoes for advanced to intermediate climbers. It’s durable and comfortable, with a wide toe box and flexible materials that will protect your toes from getting crushed. 

It’s also not the most expensive pair of shoes on the market, which makes it a good choice for people on a budget. If you’re a climber looking for performance at a reasonable price, the Oracle can be an excellent option for you.

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