Five ten Hiangle a perfect shoe for climbing

Five Ten Hiangle Review: Is It The Perfect Men’s Climbing Shoe?

Peformance Breakdown

Comfort 89%
Sensitivity 83%
pocket 81%
Edging 79%
Crack 75%


When we talk about Five Ten climbing shoes, you might recall the infamous Five Ten Dragon Shoe that created quite some buzz among serious climbers. 

Guess what, they’ve come up with an upgrade that is significantly improvised and tailored as per the needs of climbers go. 

Today in this article, we’re going to do a hands-free Fiveten Hiangle review and check if it’s worth a try of yours or not. 

Let’s jump right in-

Five ten Hiangle climbing shoes feature

Product Specification

Product Overview

Fiveten Hiangle is one of the popular releases from the brand, which is a performance tool for every climber out there. In case you find putting shoes on while climbing, the Fiveten Hiangle is a token of promise to put an end to that once and for all. 

The core material list contains 100% split grain leather made in the US, accompanied by a C4 rubber outsole. It fits any kind of toe right in and gives the experience of a second skin inside. 

There are a handful of size variations to choose from, along with the options of two aesthetic color combos. Considering professional grade climbing shoes, the price-quality ratio is also a happy blend for buyers with all sorts of budget options. 

That was the nitty gritty of what this climbing shoe is all about. In the following section, we’ll break down the core features for you to understand it better- 

What We Like

What We Dont Like

Feature & Benefit

A Supportive and Stiff Sole Construction

Yeah, it’s the sole that all of the hikers look first in a climbing shoe. Fortunately, the one with the Fiveten Hiangle checks quite some boxes of quality and performance. 

The core sole of 5.10 hiangle is made of 4.2mm Stealth C4 rubber, which is a significant upgrade on the company’s previous Dragon Shoe. This feels softer and provides more grip on a handful of climbing surfaces. 

On top of that, the midsole complements the sole itself when it comes to riding with confidence.

5.10 HiAngle is The King of Versatility

Presumably, a climber with this shoe will ride on a number of hard surface types, including gritstone, sandstone, etc. And thankfully, the tough-built Fiveten Hiangle can accompany them all the way. 

Also, you can use it as your training shoe, and a bouldering shoe as well. While doing so, if your toe needs a bit hooking, the well designed rubber wrap will allow you to do it with ease.

The Velcro Closure Keeps Your Feet In A Natural Position

When you’re going through the bumpy hiking, it’s imperative to feel comfortable right in the shoe. Keeping that in mind, this shoe comes with a velcro closure system, which will provide you with the feeling of having a second skin. 

Alongside this, the asymmetrical blend is pretty moderate. And that helps to keep the position of your toe in a natural manner. Resultantly, you’ll have to aches and strain even after hours of hiking. 

Better Precision in Hiking with The Raised Strip

There is a narrow strip of rubber that starts from the middle and ends at a raised placement on the top. For many of us, this might seem like a part of the fancy design. But in a deeper thought, it has its perks. 

The purpose that it serves is- it provides precision in stepping up on the hard hiking surfaces. Although it might provide a little less friction on some moments, but that’s nowhere near to push you to a slipping position.

A Handful of Size Options to Choose from

Another beautiful thing that Five Ten had kept in mind is the wide range of size demands from fellow hikers. On that note, this Fiveten Hiangle can be availed in as small as 6, up to a higher limit of 12.5. 

On top of that, there are a couple of color combinations as well. The one that we’ve picked for now is a blend of turquoise and grey. The other version comes in a grey-aqua combination. It’s up to you which one you’ll put your hands on. 


Most frequent questions and answers

There is a ruber layer on the top,which prevents the toe rants to be locked together.

Due to the nicely built toe box,yeah,you can cover a number of climbing chores with this.

The rubber strip is ranged from the midsole to the top in a raised position

well,the rubber on the forefoot will be quite effective when it comes to reducing stretch while you’re climbing.

Bottom Line

Well, it’s the end of today’s Fiveten Hiangle review, and we hope we’ve been able to make some points on whether you should buy it or not. As a matter of fact, Five Ten- the brand had really upgraded their minimalistic and fleet sports shoe, and we can see how it’s going with this model. 

Happy climbing! 



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