La Sportiva Finale Review

La Sportiva Finale Review

Peformance Breakdown

Comfort 92%
Sensitivity 83%
Edging 82%
Crack 81%
pocket 74%


For new rock climbers, looking for a good climbing shoe can be difficult. A good climbing shoe can be a great aid and help you ease into the tough world of rock climbing. 

I would personally suggest the La Sportiva Finale climbing shoe. This is one of the best beginner climbing shoes that we recommend.

The La Sportiva Finale is a popular name, but how good is it really for beginners? I’ve written this La Sportiva Finale review to help give a good look into the La Sportiva Finale rock shoes. Let’s dive in and see how good these beginner shoes are.

Product Specification

LA Sportiva Finale Overview

The important things a new rock climber will look for in their climbing shoes is comfort and functionality. La Sportiva Finale is built with a combination of them.

Many beginner rock climbers are put off by how uncomfortable climbing shoes are. I’ve found them to be a very comfortable yet secure fit. Its toe box is spacious, and you won’t be hurting during your initial climbs or bouldering.

The design of the shoes makes them ideal for slab and cracking climbing. Shock is absorbed, and greater friction is achieved thanks to the rubber outsole.

You won’t be lacking in support due to the tensioned heel rand. The rubber helps to improve the grip while also adding to the comfort of this. 

I’ve found that this makes it great for bouldering,which makes it on of the best beginner bouldering shoes. Bouldering is somewhat tricky for many beginning rock climbers to master and the La Sportiva Finale helps with that.

XS Edge rubber is used for the sole. While I wouldn’t say it offers the best grip out of all climbing shoes, it does offer a decent grip. It helps the shoe edge nicely, and you’ll enjoy a smooth time in sport climbing. You can re-sole the shoes so you can get great mileage out of them.

Overall, there are a few key things that I find that La Sportiva gets perfectly right. It is a good entry-level climbing shoe. 

You’ll see that it offers a solid grip and won’t get damaged easily during outdoor climbing. 

Bouldering is a lot easier to tackle with this. The ability to re-sole the shoes adds to the longevity of these beginner shoes. So, you can get a lot of use out of them.

La Sportiva Finale men Blue

What We Like

What We Dont Like

Feature & Benefit Of LA Sportiva Finale

One thing I enjoyed about the La Sportiva Finale is the features it has. They all come together neatly in a package to improve the experience. Here is a list of some of the features that make these climbing shoes so good:

La Sportiva Finale

How It Was Tested

To see how good the La Sportiva Finale is it has been tested several times. Below we’ll detail some of the testing processes and some findings.

Preliminary Testing

The first stage mostly consisted of testing how well the shoe broke-in. It was tried for a simple jog with this. The unlined leather top helped make the break-in process much smoother and faster.

After two jogging sessions, the shoes should fit quite well and are comfortable. These are quite good for jogging or walking.

While you can speed up the process using the hot shower or ice pack method, I would not recommend it. The shoes mold into a comfortable fit easily enough. 

However, the ice packs could damage the leather, which is why I suggest avoiding using it unless necessary.

La Sportiva Finale

Indoor Climbing

Next, the shoes were tried at the local gym. Some rounds on the gym’s climbing wall were done with this. We’ve got to experience how comfortable the shoes are. The fit is quite nice and secure.

Amongst the group testing the shoes, there were beginner rock climbers that tried out this. 

One problem with many climbing shoes is that many beginner rock climbers find their feet hurting after a short session of climbing. Almost no one found that to be an issue and they found themselves quite engaged during climbing.

Both the la sportiva finale mens and la sportiva finale womens shoes are great, and both genders found their respective shoes to be satisfactory. 

The purpose of these tests was to see how good the basic performance of the shoes was. We also got to see what beginner rock climbers thought.

Outdoor Climbing

What remained was the final testing, which involved rock climbing. You have to try out many obstacles like slabs, cracks, and boulders. 

We wanted to see what the limits of the la sportiva finale were. To summarize the findings, we can say that the La Sportiva Finale did quite well for entry-level climbing shoes.

The Powerhinge and tensioned heel rand came in useful several times. Edging and bouldering were easier to tackle with this. 

Crack climbing is also viable using these shoes, but it does take some practice initially. The toe box we found isn’t perfectly made for crack climbing. It is more spread out to prevent your toes from being clumped together. While it can be used, you need to be a bit careful.

La Sportiva Finale Blue Review

One area we found the La Sportiva Finale to be lacking is steep climbing. It’s hard to be a very comfortable and beginner-friendly climbing shoe and also excel in steep climbing.

Overall, the best way to describe the La Sportiva Finale is a “jack of all but master of none.” It performs well in a variety of fields but doesn’t excel in them. They are what you need from beginner-friendly climbing shoes.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. The unlined leather allows the La Sportiva Finale to stretch.

The stretch is minimal, about a ½ or ¼ size. If you’re worried about stretching too much, you can downsize this model by ½ size to compensate.

Bottom Line

That’s it for our La Sportiva Finale review. I would personally recommend buying this, if you’re looking to get into rock climbing. They’re affordable, and they’ll help you nicely. Every experienced rock climber started somewhere after all.

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