La Sportiva Mythos Review- Climber’s Favorite or Not?

Peformance Breakdown

Comfort 95%
crack 90%
edging 85%
sensitivity 80%
pocket 65%


Nothing beats the feeling of a refreshing climb out in nature but that amazing experience can quickly fade away when your legs start to hurt. 

Uncomfortable climbing shoes not only cause minor discomforts but prolonged use can even cause permanent injuries.

For climbing long hours outdoors, you will need a sturdy yet comfortable pair of climbing shoes fit for all terrains.

That is exactly what the iconic la sportiva mythos climbing shoe promises and in terms of comfort, it sticks true to its promise.

Why not go through our la Sportiva Mythos Review to know exactly why so many climbers love it

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Product Specification

Product Overview

The Mythos has been a trademark shoe for La Sportiva since the 90s. Their iconic purple-colored shoe is all sold out. But the new earthly colored shoe presents a more rugged look and certainly matches the outdoor nature vibe. 

There is more to it than just the rugged and rustic look. The Mythos was designed as a climbing competition shoe and the latest Mythos for men’s stays true to its nature.

Despite the rugged looks, the shoes are actually one of the most comfortable climbing shoes currently available. The soft leather upper perfectly adapts to your foot size and still offers room for breathability so you can climb for long hours even on hot days.

While comfort is one of the key selling points, the mythos is also ideal for crack climbing. The Vibram XS edge further complements it’s crack climbing ability.

The mythos comes packed with some impressive, all of which we are going to cover in our la sportiva mythos  review

What We Like

What We Dont Like

Feature & Benefit

Lacing system allows customized fit

You will find two types of closure systems in climbing shoes. One is the velcro and another is the lacing system. The mythos is equipped with a lacing system. 

While velcros are easy to put on and off the lacing system has its own benefits. The two the toe lacing system of the mythos goes all the way down to the front of the shoe which gives you full control of customizing and fine-tuning the fit.

The laces are also looped all the way around the heel. So, when you cinch up the laces you also are able to adjust the tension of the heel and keep it nice, secured, and firmly attached.

Narrow front enhances crack climbing

In order to efficiently climb cracks, the shoes must have a flat profile, and having an extended frontal makes things easier.

With the mythos, you will find the combination of both. The flat profile provides the right amount of downturn and the narrow structure along with the durable and lowered volume frontal allows you to jam your foot in the cracks and still leaves room to wiggle your toes and get a better grip. 

This makes it perfect for crack climbing and even dessert climbing but if you compare it with a finale in a la sportiva finale vs mythos the finale will be a better option for edging because of its more aggressive shape.

Maximum comfort in
every way

When you are out for a long day of climbing you would want your shoes to be as comfortable as possible. Climbing steep terrain alone is difficult but having a stiff shoe makes it extra hard.

With the mythos, you would not have to worry about it. The cushioned tongue absorbs sweat and keeps the shoe fresh. The inner leather upper along with the laspo flex midsole all connect with it narrow frame to provide a cocoon-like snugness,

If you want a shoe that you can wear all day long without any sort of discomfort then the mythos should be your ideal choice. People with any foot injuries or bone spurs are especially encouraged to try out the mythos.

Flexibility makes it
best for smearing

Another great quality of the mythos is its flexibility. The flexibility of this shoe allows it to create a large surface area when it is in contact with rocks and others alike. Because of the flexibility it easily connects with the different shapes. 

This gives you a good grip despite not having the best gripping soles. The XS grip would have been better in this case. The XS edge does have a sticky guard but would have been better off with an XS grip sole.

When it comes to sizing la sportiva mythos it is best to wear and get the shoe that perfectly wraps around your feet because the shoes stretch a little over time. As for how to size la sportiva mythos?

It is recommended to fit the trad shoe about two sizes under the user’s street shoe to perfectly compensate for the stretching factor.

Neutral Last Eases Sensitivity

With a lot of climbing shoes, you will see an aggressive curved shape from heel to toe. Those shoes will give you more downturn but it is a relatively uncomfortable feel and takes time to get used to the shape.

The mythos, especially the la sportiva mythos men’s comes with a more rounded or neutral last, and a wider fit. The shape is also pretty straight from heel to toe. This allows you to easily insert your feet and have maximum sensitivity throughout your whole feet.

Bottom Line

That’s all about our la Sportiva Mythos Review. With its amazing features, it does prove to be a very and if not the most comfortable shoe out there.

Despite its amazing crack climbing ability, it does lack features when it comes to edging. If you are however looking for a climbing shoe that you can easily wear for long hours and then the mythos is definitely an ideal choice.

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