scarpa vapour v climbing shoes for sport climbing and bouldering

Scarpa Vapor V Review- Is It Worth The Money?

Peformance Breakdown

Comfort 90%
Durability 85%
crack 80%
edging 75%
pocket 70%

After you are done with the basics of climbing you might be willing to go into slightly steeper terrain. In that case, you would definitely want a pair of climbing shoes that are able to claw down into edges and give you a much-secured grip.

If you are in this intermediary stage then the Scarpa Vapor V might just be the shoe to boost your climbing skills.

This updated Vapor V holds true to its origin and has implemented some cool new features. 

Why not stick with us and take a look at our Scarpa Vapor V Review as we give you a run down show what this climbing shoe is all about.

scarva vapor v climbing shoes

Product Specification

Product Overview

This Scarpa Vapor V is the second edition in the vapor line. While having some new features installed, the Vapor V does not lose any of its previous best characteristics which are durability and comfort.

With a combination of both durability and comfort, the vapor V seems promising for improving climbers who are ready to move on to the next level.  

This Vapor V comes with a curved, slightly downturned profile and a lower volume fit which allows the user’s feet to get used to different climbing styles and terrains.

The bi-tension rands decrease tension around your feet and instead go beneath the toes and pull the heel backward. This gives you the right amount of support and lessens and lessens any chance of toe pain. 

The cushioned paddings on the inside and microsuede outer make sure the shoes last a long time and allow you to wear them all day. 

There are so many other features that we will be discussing in this scarpa vapor v mens review down below

scarpa vapour v shoe reviews

What We Like

What We Dont Like

Feature & Benefit of SCARPA V

Extended Toe Positioning For Crack Climbing

When you are ready to move into steeper terrain make sure your climbing shoes are up to the task. For improving climbers the shoes need to be able to perform crack climbing and edging smoothly.

When it comes to crack climbing the Vapor V does not disappoint. Whether it be difficult granite cracks or sandstones the curved and extended point of the shoe creates enough wiggle room or shoves in the cracks to balance out your weight.

This also allows you to put less stress on your hands and arms so you can enjoy climbing for a longer time.

scarpa vapour v features extended toe positioning for climbers

Vibram XS rubber Increases Edging Performance

The Vibram XS edge rubber has a little bit more firmness and grip than the XS grip which means when comparing the scarpa arpia vs vapor v, the Vapor V will last longer when it comes to the outer sole. The XS edge rubber as the name suggests is specially made for edging. The rubber allows a firm grip even on dime edges.

However, it may take a little time to get used to edging with these shoes because for new users it is difficult to understand the accurate extent of the narrow front kicker.

But that’s not all you will find a half rand at the bottom and on the backside, you will find some ridges that provide a little extra friction for heel hooking.

Upper Suede Enhances Durability

The scarpa vapor v climbing shoes have been handcrafted with a fully microsuede upper. The previous version had less synthetic material but with this one, you will have synthetic microsuede on both sides with leather at the bottom. This upper makes the shoe softer and lightweight but it is also very durable. The offset stitch pattern on the top also prevents offset stitch lines from putting pressure on top of the foot and toes.

scarpa vapor climbing shoes handcrafted with  microsuede upper

Dual Velcro Straps Makes Easier Adjustability

The dual velcro straps allow you to fine-tune the shoe very easily. Because of its curved shape and double straps, it offers a nice snug fit. 

If you compare the scarpa instinct vs scarpa vapor v you will find the Vapor V has a much smarter velcro strap design. The top strap velcros on the inside of your big toe whereas, the bottom one velcros in reverse. 

The reason why it is smart is that whenever you are going on a really technical route and have to pop your feet up the route slowly, the front strap if it is not reversed like the Vapor V will blow it very quickly because of the force. 

Having it reversed makes it able to support your movements and keep the shoe perfectly attached as well.

Talyn Midsole Gradually Enhances Sensitivity

Right out of the box the shoe feels pretty stiff but you will get used to it. This is why it’s best to first use it for a few practice climbs so you can accurately measure the edges of the shoe.

The Talyn midsole is also a bit stiffer than the previous flexan midsole. The midsole is also stretched to the back of the shoe and offsets the upper. 

The shoe might feel a bit clunky but will provide the perfect amount of sensitivity and comfort after the initial scarpa vapor v break-in period.

scarpa vapor talyn midsole enhances durability

XS Heels Provide Superior Fit

The double inlay XS heel is complemented by both the XS rubber edge and the bi-tension rand. The heel locks around your feet quite nicely. The band goes around the heel to provide a tighter fit.

The women’s Vapor V has a narrower heel compared to the men’s Vapor V. The heels are made of M70 rubber which makes it sturdy, lightweight, and durable. 

As for the scarpa vapor v size guide, you will find sizes from 38-49 and it is best to pick up the actual size because they will never stretch out more than half a size.

scarpa vapor v shoes xs heel gives superior fit to climbers

Bottom Line

That’s all about the scarpa vapor v climbing shoes review and in the end, we can say one thing for sure. The Vapor V is probably one of the best-looking shoes out there, design-wise.

But it is so much more than just looks and it is worth the money if you are in an improving climber who is in that developing stage.

We do hope our Scarpa Vapor V Review has helped you learn all about this product so you can decide and compare yourself with other products out there.

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