6 Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet Reviewed in 2022

Let’s be honest. Finding the right pair of shoes for an above the average feet size is a great hassle. It becomes an even bigger problem when you try to find the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet.

And for an adventure-exposed climbing expedition, you need to find a pair of compatible shoes.

In this article, I have reviewed 6 good climbing shoes for large feet.

Therefore, you can work towards your climbing ambitions with the most confident strides!

Let’s get started:

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

A good pair of rock climbing shoes not only give you comfort, but it is also a defense mechanism that can facilitate and safeguard climbing activities across challenging tracks.

Keeping this important feature in mind, here are the top 6 best rock climbing shoes for wide feet that deserve attention in the year 2021.


Our Top Pick

Occupying the number 1 spot on this list is the Butora Acro. Coming from a company whose name directly translates as “to stick.” This is a climbing shoe that has all the persistence you require to undertake a mountaineering adventure.

In appearance, the Butora Acro draws a slight resemblance to ballet shoes in design. You are going to realize that when you put the pair on as they are highly flexible.

Available in two different colors, the shoes weigh only 1.55 pounds and come within a diverse range of 3 to 14 inches

The blue version, however, is slightly narrower in construction compared to the orange one.



However, flexibility or size diversity isn’t the point that makes Acro a game-changer in the field of wide climbing shoes. Rather the appeal lies in its aggressive styling that leaves no room for dilly-dallying with climbing technicalities. 

Take, for example, the high-quality heat molded Neo Fuse rubber that is used in its construction. Sticky in composition, the heat molding process ensures that the material is completely bonded as a single structure. This highly decreases the chances of wear and tear under great duress.

Thus, long-lasting in design, the toe box has a convex or down-cambered shape with a large surface of sticky rubber toe-patch. This ensures an excellent sensitivity that guarantees extra secure footwork for toe hooking at times of technical climbing. 

The custom blend mid-sole composed of ABS, together with the high-tension heel rand, allows Butora Acro to feature amongst the most powerful boulder climbing shoes in town.

Finally, the signature ‘triple fork hook’ system provides slipper-like comfort. Thus it will ensure putting on and off comfort with the added security of no-slipping lace-up shoes.


Most Lightweight

Italy has always been renowned for producing great shoes. Hence, when a popular manufacturer such as Scarpa from Italy takes to producing comfortable shoes for wider feet, everyone is bound to be in for a treat.

Aimed to survive challenging activities like climbing steep boulders, strenuous overhanging routes, and gym climbs, the Drago is the epitome of perfect climbing shoes.

Featuring a minimalist design, the Drago is one of the most sensitive climbing shoes for wide feet. Wearing the shoe feels like donning into a pair of comfortable socks.

These snugly fit lightweight shoes give one the lively feeling of walking barefoot without the threat of getting injured.



One of the major reasons why Drago feels extremely lightweight is the inclusion of the material microsuede in its design – known as a polyester fabric that consists of 100% pure polyester fibers. This material has the natural-soft suede leather feel without the leather’s drawbacks.

Plus, the microsuede top layer goes around to wrap the T45 Rand in the Scarpa Drago. Along with providing superior elasticity, strength, and dynamic friction, this wrap system also provides an overall pressure balance within the shoe.

That is why people who have Greek feet will see Scarpa Drago as an antidote to all their problems. Moreover, it allows higher room for adjustments and flexibility when climbing through tricky footholds.

The dynamic friction that Drago is seen to offer is all thanks to the inclusion of the Vibram XS Grip2 element in its construction. 

Built for reaching ultimate friction levels, this rubber component becomes useful in situations where the primary focus is the maximum grip for wide feet.

Finally, the randing in the Drago is made extra durable through the successful combination of the PCB tension and SRT system. 

The former system retains the foot’s natural movement, and the later contributes to outstanding hooking capabilities throughout.

La Sportiva Men's Low top

Budget Friendly

Any person who has ever taken a liking to sport climbing would agree that the particular hobby doesn’t come cheap. And if you happen to have wide feet, the scenario becomes much more scary.

Now, the price of climbing shoes can even make the hobbyists sweat, let alone the budget considerate ones. And this is where the generosity of La Sportiva Men’s Low Top comes into play.

Less than half the price of high-end brand shoes, La Sportiva offers a pair of beginner shoe that is really close to premium sports shoes in terms of quality.

This makes them ideal practicing shoes for wide feet as they provide high-performance benefits without costing extra cents. This is especially appreciated by beginner climbers and recreational sports climbers alike who have just started to take a liking to the sports.



Fitted with 5 mm FriXion RS rubber, La Sportiva is extra durable compared to other contemporaries. But that’s just the initial highlight.

With a suede leather upper body, the shoe ensures a flawless balance between elasticity and snug-fit structure.

This structure allows your toes to have ample room, providing the utmost comfort to people having Roman feet.

Combined with these features, the inclusion of 1.8mm LaspoFlex midsole gives this shoe a mid-level rigidity and an average edging performance. 

However, it does make up for the lack of edging by providing superior crack climbing properties for people with wide feet.

La Sportiva has a low-profile toe box that allows climber’s foot to lie comfortably flat within the shoes. 

Also, the shape of the toe box is ideal to fit easily into thin cracks. Both factors make the shoe extremely compatible for resting on footholds over a long time (if needed be), thus facilitating crack climbing.

Lastly, the innovative twofold velcro strap closure system ensures that the shoe is tightly secured in place at all times.


Premium Quality

Once again, from the La Sportiva company, I bring forth another shoe that is bound to appeal to all big feet sport climbers out there. The Miura VS is already considered a cult classic in the world of premium-quality climbing shoes, and there are reasons for that.

To start with Miura VS, it provides a balanced performance that is consistent, no matter the type of terrains you are walking on.

Stiff and aggressive in design, the Miura VS makes it possible for your wide feet to stand balanced on tiny pebbles and narrow edges with confidence. That’s why the model is praised for its highly supportive edging performance.



Whether you are thinking of taking up a trad climb, steep boulders, or technical sport climbing, the Miura VS is bound to impress you. 

The upper body of the shoe, also being made of genuine leather, gives it a durability that is time-tested to survive even the toughest of environments.

Miura VS, along with authentic leather, is composed of Vibram XS grip rubber. Known for their exceptionally sticky property, the material delivers a mighty holding power – ensuring maximum support for your wide feet.

Needless to say, this goes on to provide climbers with additional heel hooking and technical climbing support whenever required.

Moreover, La Sportiva Miura VS is equipped with the unique combo of the slingshot rand and power hinge system

This means when a climber needs to weigh down on edge, only the back part of the shoe stretches, leaving the toe box to maintain its grip undisturbed.

Now, this flexible sensitivity will surely come in handy while facing technical challenges. we consider this shoe as the most perfect intermediate shoe for rock climber 


Most Durable

The first thing you are going to notice about the Mad Rock drifter is its 100% premium-quality leather assembly. Genuine leather is widely recognized for being highly weather resistant.

This is why the addition of leather in the manufacture of Mad Rock Drifter certifies its durable prowess. Alongside the entire body of the shoe body, except the sole, is seam taped to increase its weather resistibility ten folds. 



Science Fiction 3.0 rubber sole is used in the Mad Rock Drifter. Known to provide optimum friction, this rubber sole is extremely useful for your wide feet to hike on a wide range of climbing terrains.

It provides a strong overall grip surface, and the 1.8mm polyester midsole ensures to maintain the sensitivity aspect as well.

Added to that, the heel of the shoe is 3D molded with cushy EVA and sticky rubber. That means, it would feel more like wearing a snug custom fit model, especially for wide feet, rather than a chance store-bought product.

Sleek and stylish, the Mad Rock further has padded piping (colored) along its structure to strengthen the entire design. Lastly, Velcro straps are used to provide a secure foot grip and prevent slippage possibilities.

Five Ten Men's Anasazi Moccasym

Most Comfortable

Comfort is guaranteed when we are talking about the Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym. Made up of 100% unlined leather, the shoe is designed with particularly soft and ultra-sticky Stealth® C4™ rubber sole.

This gives the shoe a superior level gripping ability that is bound to impress even the most professional climbers with wide feet. 

Highly ideal for edging and rock climbing, the Moccasym, due to its super sticky component, can even maintain a secure footing on a newly polished gym floor!

It has a neutral profile that keeps users relaxed and going for longer. But limits usage on overhanging terrains. You can expect further comfort from the antimicrobial mesh that enables breathability and keeps odors at bay.



The split-grain genuine leather upper front of the shoe characterizes its breathability by helping proper air ventilation. In the long run, this goes on to prevent sweat and odor build-up.

Surely, your wide feet will thank you for the custom-fit that you’ll get from the elastic bands that are incorporated throughout the leather front. It is one of the best bouldering shoes for wide feet in market which we recommend

Extremely easy to put on and take off, the slipper-like Moccasym is further lined with soft material inside to prevent skin discomfort or rashes. 

Also, the shoe tongue is fully padded to ensure that climbers are comfortable enough to focus their concentration only on their climbing techniques.

Not to forget the soft flexibility of the shoe also makes the Mocassym a highly sensitive shoe, even for wide feet. 

This means wearing the shoe you would be able to feel every rocks, pebbles, cracks, or crevice that your feet may tread upon.

Features to look for when buying Climbing Shoes for wide Feet

Any type of climbing, whether professional or otherwise, is largely dependent on precision footwork.

Here the emphasis is on the word precision footwork. This is a feat which is nearly impossible to achieve, especially for wide feet,  if you don’t have a good pair of shoes to boost up your confidence both psychologically and physically.

However, getting your hands on a good pair of climbing shoes for big feet requires a lot of considerations.

Although there are lots of things to take into account when choosing the perfect pair of wide climbing shoes, we are going to help you know them.

The Model Type Of Rock Climbing Shoes

Generally, three models of climbing shoes are available nowadays. Commonly identified as aggressive, moderate, and neutral. All these three versions of climbing shoes have their advantages and disadvantages that make them stand out.

  • Aggressive Shoes:

To begin, aggressive climbing shoes have a downturn curve, especially around the toe and heel section (picture ballerina feet). Aesthetically pleasant, the shape is more to do with physics rather than the beauty aspect.

Precisely the ergonomic curvature design helps to achieve a strong and powerful stance when going for overhang climbing challenges. This is a reason that makes it more compatible to be used in short-lived single terrain climbs such as gym routines as opposed to outdoorsy multi-terrain pitches.

  • Moderate Shoes: 

These shoes, on the other hand, are very less curved compared to aggressive climbing shoes. This makes them more comfortable to be used for time-consuming technical climbing.

Crack climbing, multi-terrain routes, overhung climbs, etc. everything can be handled by a moderate shoe.

  • Neutral Shoes:

Being flat and comfortable, these shoes can be worn all day long. They are made especially for beginners or amateurs who are just learning the technicalities of the sport.

best climbing shoes for wide feet

The Associated Factors Of Climbing Shoe

Every shoe model has a lot of features that make or break the product. And the aspects that come into play are:

  • The closure system: (slip-on, lace-up, strap,etc.)
  • Shoe material (synthetic fiber, lined leather, unlined leather, etc.)
  • Lasting (slip last, board last, downturned, asymmetric, straight, etc.) 
  • The sole type (thick or thin)

The closure system is important for securing the shoe to your feet. Along with providing anti-slip protection, this system also determines how easy it is to wear and take off the shoes.

Moreover, the material the shoes are made of determines their weather resistance, durability, adaptation capabilities, elasticity or stiffness, as well as foot-hygiene dynamics. And the ‘lasting’ property simply indicates the shoe shape.

Based on how a shoe is shaped or constructed, aspect such as shoe volume, heel and toe tension, movement flexibility, instep height, changes drastically. These are all factors that help identifying the terrain and work regime that would best compliment the shoe.

Lastly, the volume of the sole is linked directly to the sensitivity ratio. Also, needless to say, sole thickness or thinness dynamically affects the footing grip, climbing performance, and durability.

The Climbing Shoe Size

Once you have determined the shoe model and features that best meet your specific requirements, the final step is to get them to align with your feet size.

Of course, the best way to understand whether the shoes will be a perfect fit is to try them on physically. But even then, there are some rules you can follow to make your purchase a success.

For example, never buy extremely fitting shoes. This is because tight shoes with no space for the toes and heel to breathe or shift can directly affect your climbing performance. 

This is specifically painstaking for people with wide feet. Early fatigue and foot pain is also a common issue with tight fit shoes.

Hence when determining perfect shoe size, it is always advisable to buy one that allows your feet to stay comfortable and flat. It leaves a little space all around for the air to circulate and the feet to move. 

Final words....

Now that you have the list of the best climbing shoes for large feet, what are you waiting for? Just go on and give them a try.

No matter which climbing shoe you select, don’t shy away from sharing your findings and personal experiences in the comment section below.

Until next time! Sayonara!

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