05 Best All Around Climbing Shoes of 2021

Making all those climbs on mountains and rock might give you a thrill inside your veins. However, as exciting as it looks, it is much more dangerous than what you can imagine.

You need to buckle up with everything you need to get to the top. Most importantly, a good pair of all-around best climbing shoe always increases your chance of success.

However, finding the best all around climbing shoes is a hard game as what the market mostly offers you are junks. This is where I play my part.

I’ll make sure you get the perfect set of all-around climbing shoe.

Top 5 All-Around Rock Climbing Shoes

Below are the top 5 that have been dominating the marketplace right now. Get to read these reviews and pick the one that fits your taste.

Five Ten Anasazi VCS

Best For Technical Climbing

It’s not your mainstream climbing shoe, trust me. And you get to agree with me when you see the premium aesthetics. The Anasazi has been touching the hearts of millions.

Unlike anything else, it’s 100% manmade. Meaning, the fabric has been completely handcrafted without the touch of machines. So, you can have your quality confirmed.


  • 100% handcrafted for greater quality
  • Supportive and stiff outsole
  • Increases your convenience for edging
  • It doesn’t stretch over time
  • Gives your heel a snug fit
  • Best all around rock climbing shoe for technical climbs


  • The toe hooks doesn’t provide enough protection and coverage


You’re getting completely supportive and stiff outsole. Let it be outdoor-climbing or small footholds, this shoe can meet your demands when it comes to edging. It’s not only sensitive but also super sticky.

As you wear it, the synthetic upper won’t stretch a bit and cause your heel to slip off, no. It boasts the easy Velcro closure, which you can use for easy and quick adjustment.

When it comes to comfort, the plan curve joins hands with the flat-platform shape so that you can find your ultimate convenience zone.  To make sure you can experience a cozy fit, the shoe allows your heel to press a bit more forward.

You’ll get more rigidity and support in the tension of the heel and the sole as well.  For technical climbs, the Anasazi is one of the best climbing shoes available.

Scarpa Men’s Vapor V

Best For Trad Climbing

When it comes to all around climbing shoes for men, you can’t just ignore the Vapor V from Scarpa. This beast is just one of a kind with its strength and functionality.

First off, as you take a look at it, you’ll love the dominating aesthetic it holds. “It’s meant for MEN” that’s the first thing that will pop inside your head.


  • Premium outlook and aesthetics
  • 3 color variations to choose from
  • Protects your feet from pain
  • Sensitive, stiff shoe, and supportive
  • Suitable for wide-hand crack climbing, trad climbing
  • Tongue with padding gives you comfort
  • Fits your feet snugly


  • The sole is less durable than expected


It comes with 3 color variations. Even though most people prefer the yellow one, you can try the orange or the lime. If you’re more into crack-climbing, the Vapor should be your best pick.

Thanks to the dual-velcro straps it comes with, you won’t get to experience any pain at all in cracks. You can charge up granite splitters very easily and even for days if you find the right size.

The fact that the trad climbing shoes can perfectly wiggle into the cracks of your finger is obviously a plus, which helps you up in climbing.

As for sensitivity, they’re very stiff shoes and supportive. In fact, after wearing them for a couple of times, their sensitivity increases a lot. If you’re focusing more on techy-face climbing, the Vapor V can meet your demands.

You’ll have your comfort zone confirmed in wide-hand cracks, thanks to the tongue that comes with padding. No, it won’t stretch out of the blue; rather, your heels will have a snug fit. It might not be the best all day climbing shoe, but it certainly is one of the bests.

Tenaya Oasi

Most Comfortable

At number 3 on our top all around climbing shoe reviews, we have the Oasi from Tenaya. It’s more on the aggressive side, but it’s probably one of the most comfortable ones available.

It comes with a very sharp downturn and can fill the cup of stronger climbers, especially when it comes to winning over the hardest boulder problems.


  • It comes with a sharp downturn
  • Easy length adjustment
  • Suitable for both narrow and wide feet
  • Your toes get to exert enough pressure
  • Inner sock gives you comfort
  • The microfiber construction enhances durability


  • Its heel cup needs to be smaller


The blue straps the shoes come with will perfectly connect your heel to the arch. On the other hand, the dual-strapped hook teams up with the loop closure that lets you adjust the length very easily.

As a result, it doesn’t matter if you have wide feet or narrow ones, your feet get enough space inside the shoe.

On top of that, you get to exert the pressure you’ve been craving for with your toes. How? The Oasi boasts the dual-layer midsole that has your back completely covered.

One of the wow-factors it offers you is the sock. As you wear it, this somewhat of a sock grabs on to your feet, and you get the ultimate comfort. Most importantly, your feet won’t slip off if you get the right size since there’s no way the shoe will stretch.

As far as durability is concerned, it’s been made of microfiber that comes with a cotton lining. So, the next time if you wonder why the Oasi is one of the best all around rock climbing shoes, you should remember about these awesome features.

La Sportiva Men’s Miura

Most Durable

If you’re still on the hunt for the best all around shoes for climbing, you might want to take a look at the Miura from La Sportiva.

This footwear is specially made for men. Let it be mountain climbing, rock climbing/ slab climbing, sport climbing or whatever, this one certainly can meet your demands.


  • Made of pure synthetic materials
  • Boasts a premium outlook
  • Ease adjustments and settings
  • Fits your feet snugly
  • Better hooking, smearing, sport climbing and edging
  • Keeps your feet dry


  • You can have a hard time finding the right size


The shoe is made of pure synthetic. Meaning, you won’t face any issue when it comes to durability.  As you take a look at it, the premium aesthetics will catch your eyes instantly.

Thanks to its quick-pull lacing system, you can experience the precise regulations. You can wrap your feet up within a snap. After your feet have made their way inside the shoes, you’ll have nothing but ultimate comfort.

It gives you a snugly fit while ensuring a slip-resistant attribute. All you have to do is get yourself the right size and wave off your worries about the shoes getting stretched.

When you take the step for the climb, the Miura will allow you to have the edging experience you’ve always wanted.

The Vibram XS edge rubber sole teams up with the Slingshot Rand so that your toes get to exert the force they need. Smearing, hooking, and edging is just a piece of cake from now on.

Let’s not forget the classic leather upper, which gives you supportive feedback. Thanks to the moisture-wicking Dentex lining, your feet never sweat up even for a bit.

La Sportiva Katana Lace

Editors Choice

Being made of pure synthetic, the Katana Lace from La Sportiva is probably one of the best climbing shoes for women.  The durability is just mind-blowing, and you’re not going to experience any damage anytime soon, that’s for sure.

The P3 midsole, along with the Vibram XS edge rubber have your back when it’s all about getting the edging. As your feet go inside, you’ll experience a semi-asymmetric fit.


  • Strong and durable
  • Lets you experience great edging
  • Can be used on steep terrain
  • The toes get to exert full pressure
  • Holds your feet tightly
  • Offers you enough rigidity


  • Has a mid-class heel-hooking


Since it has a downturned toe, you won’t have any problem tackling the steeper terrains at all. Your toes will be able to put the amount of pressure they need so that you can climb easily with more convenience.

I would’ve taken this shoe with my eyes closed if I was a crack climber. Why? Well, the design it boasts is more on the aggressive side. In addition, since the shoes hold your feet pretty tightly, your feet do not have any chance to get slipped off.

The shoes are very sensitive, and the sensitivity increases as you keep wearing them. Besides, if you stand flat, the Katana lace lets you experience enough rigidity.

Signs That Determine Good All Round Climbing Shoes

If you don’t know what features you should look for inside an all-round climbing shoe, chances are you’ll end up buying the wrong product. To make sure you don’t waste your cash, get to learn the things you need to look for before buying it.


If your shoes don’t fit your heel, they’ll slip off easily. Therefore, this will give you a hard time climbing rocks, crack climbing or mountains. This is why you have to make sure you get yourself a set of shoes that comes with the right size.


Often overlooked, yet important factor you should consider before buying a climbing shoe is the shape it comes with. If you’re going for overhanging climbs, you can go for the downturned toe.


As you keep wearing the shoes, they’ll stretch over time. Some shoes stretch so much that they become very loose, and you never get to have the perfect fit. Make sure the shoes you’re buying do not stretch that easily.

Wrapping Up!

Well, that was pretty much everything about the best all around climbing shoes. Yes, there are a lot of options in the marketplace as well, but I just talked about the best ones over here so that you don’t get to waste your time reading about junks.

You want to take your climbing experience to the pinnacle? Get yourself one of these shoes, and you won’t regret it.

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