scarpa origin climbing shoe review

The Complete Scarpa Origin review- Is It The Best Climbing Shoes?

Peformance Breakdown

Comfort 93%
Durability 89%
Sensitivity 83%
Crack 80%

Learning to climb can be a difficult task especially if you don’t have the right climbing shoes. You definitely do not want to slip and fall on the first go.

As a beginner, you would want shoes that give the right amount of adjustability, grip, and comfort.

In terms of comfort and adjustability, the SCARPA origin sounds very promising. The origin also comes with many other features that make it an ideal choice for beginner climbers.

So, stick with us as we go in-depth in our Scarpa origin review so you can decide whether you want this pair for your next climbing adventure.

Product Specification

Product Overview

The Italian manufacturing company, SCARPA has always come up with reliable climbing shoes. Even the Scarpa climbing boots got a lot of love because of their premium quality.

The origin is stated to be a part of their all-day performance category.

This flat profile shoe is amazing for getting beginners ease into the whole climbing routine. Perfect for a bouldering gym this pair easily fits even the larger feet and comfortably stays on the entire time.

Despite having a lot of cool features the origin comes at a very. decent price range. However, we do not recommend the origin for advanced climbers since it’s features are primarily ideal for the beginners.

What We Like

What We Dont Like

Feature & Benefit Of Scarpa Origin

To help you understand better, we are going to break down all of the cool features in our scarpa origin shoe review

Better Soles for Better Sensitivity:

Soles are one of the first things you will be looking for in a climbing shoe. You would want something that lasts long and provides a strong grip.

The SCARPA origin climbing shoes provide some amazing material when it comes to soles. The full outer sole is made of SCARPA’s very own 5mm thick proprietary vision rubber.

The ultra-thin 1.9mm flexan midsole is embedded in the shoe to provide support for the full foot without compromising any sensitivity.

The two soles create a perfect blend of durability and comfort for every beginner level climber.

Suede Upper for Enhanced Durability:

You would want your climbing shoes to last a long time and take a beating while at it. 

It is true that The scarpa origin rock shoes are specialized for beginner climbers but the shoe is on par with advanced climbing shoes when it’s about durability.

The plus suede leather upper provides a long term fit and a velvety comfort.

Flat Profile For Enhanced Performance:

A flat or neutral shoe will definitely feel nice and comfortable on the feet. This also makes the shoe a bit stiffer but very supportive. 

This feature comes especially handy for new climbers to get their feet used to climbing.The Origin-U’s flat profile provides all that and enough downturn to add precision to your climbing. 

The flat design also allows the feet to stay in a relaxed position so new climbers stay uncomfortable while climbing. The specialized  5mm thick vision rubber sole beneath the shoe is also there to handle any sort of discomfort.

Comfortable build with No Air Pockets:

Some people climb all day long. For that, the shoe has to be specially made to provide comfort. The Origin-U is part of SCARPA’s all-day performance category and it does not disappoint in terms of comfortability.

The Origin features a padded aero mesh tongue to provide all-day cushioning. On the outside, the shoe has passively charged rand ensures a cocoon-like snugness around your feet, so you can wear them all day and keep your feet relaxed.

Straps and Heels for an Adjustable Fit :

Whether you are climbing, running, or walking the one thing that can ruin the entire experience is adjustability. This counts especially when it’s time for climbing. You don’t want to be adjusting or tuning your shoes in the middle of your climb.

Thanks to the velcro straps you wouldn’t have to worry about the adjustability. The Origin-U comes with two hook and loop straps which are also wide, so you can fine-tune your fit. 

Velcro straps are also super easy on and off which is especially great in a bouldering gym.

In the back, you will also find wider and taller heels that allow you to fit larger feet and still be easily adjustable.

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Most frequent questions and answers

It is not that is why it is recommended that you buy the right size and not a smaller size with hopes that it will eventually stretch out. When it comes to the scarpa origin sizing it is best to downsize 0.5-1 size from the user’s street shoe size for better comfort.

Bottom Line

If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money on your first pair of climbing shoes then the SCARPA origin might just be the best budget climbing shoe for you. 

Aside from the budget the hefty features we talked about earlier will also help you in your climbing endeavors. 

We do hope we were able to give you all the information you needed through our Scarpa origin review. Now, remember whatever brand or model you choose, make sure you look out for adjustability, grip, comfort, and durability. The right climbing shoe will truly make things much easier and enjoyable.

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